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Five leading Fashion Influencers you need to know

Five leading Fashion Influencers you need to know

Five of the Leading Fashion Influencers you should in social media, the increase in technology allowing for more content creator jobs, fashion influencers have grabbed the world's attention. From fashion-based content revolving around their own unique style, influencers have saturated the industry. Many fashion influencers have gathered fan bases of thousands, reaching up to millions of followers, with their stylish opinions shaping the way society views fashion today.

Brands endorse fashion influencers to attend specific fashion shows or designer dinner parties and events. These influencers are given the opportunity to connect and collaborate with various brands and clothing manufacturers to endorse brand name clothing and present the apparel in different photos on social media. This sponsored content is paid and image-based platforms such as Instagram have exploded with various people of different backgrounds, coming together and being able to focus solely on their social media career.

Influencers are revolutionizing the idea of commerce for the future. Consumer culture has paved the way to an alternate world of inauthenticity as society has come to dishing out fame and fortune. Expecting to always see the glowing faces of youthful women, these fashion influencers act with their own accord, expressing authenticity and maintaining positions as the movers and shakers of the world.

 Tiffanie Marie @tiffanie.marie

Tiffanie Marie is a young creative, working towards sharing her voice through photography and fashion. Marie not only has a carefree style of expressing herself in her photos, but also proudly embraces her Asian heritage. Marie’s Instagram feed has various elements of color, with her most recent theme including reddish hues in her photos in honor of the Lunar New Year. Marie is very open and expressive with her thoughts and feelings in her Instagram captions.

Colleen Heidemann @colleen_heidemann

Colleen Heidemann will bring the party to you and not the other way around, with her style involving frills, faux fur, and fun. The Los Angeles icon is the woman you need for glamorous touch ups with her bold statement necklaces and colorful activewear. Heidemann gives the fashion industry a run for its money, with her wild approach to life keeping her as sharp as a whip.

Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni

Italy is commonly recognized as Europe’s central hub for fashion, and Chiara Ferragni is no exception to this rule. Ferragni started out with humble beginnings as a fashion blog entitled, The Blonde Salad, in 2009. Thanks to a background in business, she was quickly able to grow her blog into something more, a personal story of her journey with her family and of course, fashion. Her Instagram features different photos of her and her family, mixed with various insights to fitness and modeling. Chiara remains a humble fashionista, often crediting her voice and passion for storytelling through family movies that her mother captured throughout her childhood on nothing more than a VHS camera.

 Negin Mirsaheli @negin_mirsaheli

Negin Mirsaheli is a dark haired, Dutch fashion influencer, expressing her love for the outdoors, travel, and of course fashion and lifestyle with her 5.7 million followers on Instagram. Mirsaheli loves promoting a natural and clean lifestyle, with a background in business education that helped her in self-funding and being the creator of her very own holistic hair care line, Gisou. Mirsaheli was inspired to use the moisturizing properties of honey and beeswax, with connections to her beekeeping Persian heritage that has been passed down through seven-generations. Mirsaheli has her own standards in accepting collaborations with companies who have reputable products and a clear brand image that matches her own. The reason for her loyal fanbase is due to her openness and honesty with her followers.

Lyn Slater @iconaccidental

Lyn Slater, well known as @iconaccidental on Instagram, is another example of an older badass, rebel who defies the stereotypes of fashion. Lyn Slater is a whirlwind of gray hair and a steely stare that could shatter glass. Instead of hiding the wrinkles or gray hair, she accentuates them with her fierce fashion choices. This close relationship between clothing and identity is created by her idea that fashion is just as important in expressing yourself. Slater began as a blogger, sharing her personal insights and experiences at accidentalicon.com on the subject matter of culture, fashion, and the human connection. Her fans include a variety of older women and young women who see her style as a fight against ageism, a blatant rejection of all the signs of aging. Her work involves being an educator as well as a model, working both in the classroom and as an influencer on social media. To most of us, reaching the ripe old age of our 60’s and 70’s represents the transition into a stay-at-home grandmotherly lifestyle. On the contrary, Slater believes that age should never define aspirations, declaring, “I have potentially another 20 years of doing amazing things.” As of right now, she has been featured in an endless amount of international fashion magazines as the “coolest grandmother to ever walk the face of the earth.”